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The Gailius Collection

Residential and Commercial Chair Repair Service

This service started as a “need basis”.  Early in our relationship, we like many young families struggled to keep food, shelter constant for our kids, so we’d cut corners when we could.

When it came to replacing our furniture we rarely purchased from a Commercial retail, but by utilizing what's already here. Friends/ neighbor were tossing their dinning room set.   So we took it  and with a little soap, oil and a few new screws . . .We had a new magnificent dining set at minimal cost and to the awe of our neighbors.  (Who later let us restore a desk for them).

We later went commercial by re-covered and repaired all the chair and bar stools for a local restaurant. We now do regularly scheduled work for the restaurant.

Cleaning, repairing and re enforcing your seating is always a secure feeling. And looks good too.  Why get rid of your set, we can offer many options for updating what you already have.

This service is environmentally friendly, as we do everything we can do save your set from ending up in some garbage pile.

We work local and we offer friendly prompt service.

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