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Signature Greenhouse

What brought on the idea of creating a miniature greenhouse.   We had just bought our first home, a really old home.  The very first project we took on was to remove and replace these non-movable windows panes.  Once they were removed & examined, the glass turned out to be very old glass with notable air bubbles and other flaws.
The decision was made to repurpose this glass into something that can last even longer. So, it didn’t take long before the next project idea began.

Two greenhouses were created out of these window panes.  

This is our Signature Greenhouse"
Custom 12" x 2' square cut and built with hand crafted glass, 40/60 lead solider, hinged roof for easy access and decorated with both handmade and manufactured pieces.\ and patina in copper.  

Shipping is included but Insurance is not.

Cost $2,300.00
First one was done in 1" square, hand cut panes, foiled and soldiered together using 40/60 lead. Adding a hinged roof, door that’s open ajar for easy access and cleaning.  Using lead, you have a variety of ways to patina or just buff it to a high shine, which is what was done with this one..  
This house is decorated to resemble a real greenhouse, with tables of plants, plants hanging from the ceiling.  Flower blossoming in pots and the detail goes on.
Shipping is included but Insurance is not.

Cost $2,300.00

Locate us on the North Shore of Long Island
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