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Welcome to our home!

Enjoy the extensive variety of products ranging from yesterday to today.

Including such works as Scroll Work, Stain glass, old world tattered lace and restored handmade clothing.

Our signature product: Small scale greenhouse that can be displayed anywhere.

For miniatures, an entire section focused on this magnificent art, of all things small. Helpful links to suppliers, clubs, and including our own miniature club are available.

Specialty items, from hand made flower arrangements to hand painted windows, miniature furnishings and more. ALL in miniature scale.

A classic arrangement of other handmade gifts can be found throughout this site.

Service providers are an important part of our service that we provide, so its only appropriate that we a link to all we have connected with through our years.


Gift wrapping and direct shipping is available.

with UPS

All our items are sold through safe and secure Pay pal debit accepting MC, Visa, American Express, Discover.
Our Mission It's simple, we want you to be pleased with the products and services that we offer.We want you to come back and share it with your friends. You are what matters to us.
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