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Our newest items are always linked HERE
We are expanding agian!

We are now repairing Home Vacuum cleaners!
By appointment.  Visit HVR to see what brands and how to contact Mike.

Our site is still packed with our hand made gifts.

Enjoy the extensive variety of products ranging from yesterday to today.

Including such works as Scroll Work, Stain glass Green houses, miniatures kits, old world hand tied lace and more. .
Our signature product: Small scale greenhouse that can be displayed anywhere.

For miniatures, an entire section focused on this magnificent art, wall hangings, tables displays and more. .

We also carry a line of Miniature plant kits.  Assembly them yourself and use them in your own project.

By expanding our collection, we strive to keep our customers returning and entice new comers with our expanding products. Like, adding a selection of Pre-Historic arrowheads from a variety of reigns. This interesting collection shouldn’t last long.

And as most of our products, being they are one of a kind, when they sell, they are gone. And in some cased, can not be reproduced.

Enjoy what we offer and be secure knowing the shopping chart here is secure with Paypal, we value our clients.we hope you come back often to see what we've added and share with your friend.

Our floral kits can be fun at any age and for any reason. Collect them, create an area for your dollhouse or any crafted decor.  They are all created with one thing in mind, making attractive minis for any occasion. Our kits and floral arrangements come in an assortment of colors and sizes and none are alike.  When you order we send you what is currently in stock.  New ideas and design pieces are updated once a year to keep both supply and interest fresh.  Our kits intrigue both young and old and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.
Locate us on the North Shore of Long Island
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