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Scrollsaw art

Scroll saw Art: an old-world craft that comes alive Right here!
 These crafted pieces are one of a kind. They come from a pattern which can be reproduced but never duplicated: each have their own special qualities.
Different types of woods and finishes are used to expand the different techniques and colors we can offer. .
.  Custom orders are aways welcome and available.
Enjoy the fruits of Mike’s labor
Latest from the Gailius Collection
Introducing unpainted animal shaped stainable puzzles.
This puzzle spells out Elephant in the shape of an elephant. How fun~
Made out of white pine: 7” x 10” x 1” and sanded.
And we will offer two ways to purchase,
Cost: “as is” unpainted 50.00
Cost II with paint 65.00 (small set of acrylic paints).

or Cost II
These pieces are small and can be purchased as a pair or as a stand alone.  Stained on one side and are hinged and ready to be hung. Size 9" x 5 1/2" x 1/2".
Cost: 40.00 each
Dueling Horses: This horse design is stained and has been cut thick enough to stand alone.  Dimensions: 10” x 7” x ¾”  
Cost $70.00

One of the Newest to  our line “The Lighthouse”, this piece is handcrafted and stained.  Hanger will be included with the package as you can choose which way the Lighthouse appears. OR in your ordering process you can request which side you want it mounted and it will be done prior to shipping.  Dimensions :9 ½” “ x 7 ¾“ x ¾”   
Cost $70.00

 Frog Painted: He was one of our first projects, we thought he was too cute to sell.  So, we are offering him painted (like photo) or stained 1 single color.   They are waiting to be admired and hung. Dimensions: 1’ x 9” x ¾”.  Cost: 70.00 painted or stained no additional charge.
Dragon: This unstained, unpainted piece is ready for delivery, stained or left as is.
Cost $125.00
Dueling horse: this piece has been previously stained at the top only and be
custom finished prior to dekivery.  
Cost $85.00
Wall Hangers:  Hold up your new bookshelf, trinket display and display them with pride.
Cost: $65.00
Locate us on the North Shore of Long Island
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